Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Valley reunion, then Marshall MO reunion!

After enjoying a Valley reunion on Friday in Edmonds, we were delighted to share morning worship on Sunday not only with Sally and Scotty Campbell (right end of each row), but also with Wayne and Susan (Knipschild) ONeal, also from Marshall Mo. We shared many happy, funny and memorable stories from our time when Jerry pastored Covenant Presbyterian Church in Marshall for 13 years. Susan's parents and sisters have been an integral part of our life over the years--even visited us during our interim in Wichita KS--so it was great that Susan & Wayne took time from their vacation in the Seattle area to attend Sammamish Presbyterian Church on Sunday morning. That visit was followed by an all-church picnic at one of the nearby Jerry enjoys his veggie-burger. And I can't resist sharing one of the vegetable stands' decorations at Pike's Market last week - makes green beans just irresistible doesn't it? We are off to Bloys Cowboy Camp Meeting in Ft. Davis this next week, and then 3 days in Midland--to you will next hear from us and our adventures when we return! Blessings on you all....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Missouri Valley College Reunion

"Valley will roll tonight, Valley will roll" - so go the words of the school song of Missouri Valley College, Mashall MO. And Valley surely did roll with this marvelous reunion of college classmates from 1961 and 1962. Sally & Scotty Campbell (couple on left) live in Marshall MO, home of MVC, and Jim and Mary Orvis (in the middle) live in Edmonds WA. The men were fraternity brothers in Alpha Sigma Phi, and the women were sisters in Alpha Zi. The hours flew by as they all reminisced, went through yearbooks from their senior years, and browsed the alumni directory. From the stories, laughter, and smiles, you would not have known over 45 years had gone by. Thanks, Mary & Jim, for your hospitality - and to Mary, who even had the Valley colors on the napkin rings!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


What a delightful surprise we had this afternoon when we ran into our Midland friend, Susan Askins, at Pike's Market. You can see our joy and surprise reflected in our faces!
Thanks, Susan, for being our friend in such an unexpected place!
Or maybe you would like to see a parrot fish on display at the Fish Market - and its really that gorgeous color! What a place and what an experience - sharing Pike's Market with our friends, Sally & Scott Campbell from Marshall MO - and running in to Susan.... Join us in another day for the Missouri Valley College reunion coming up tomorrow! Good night for now.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friends - God's great gift

After reading daughter Carla's blog on the amazing number of friends she is reconnecting with and seeing along her sabbatical journey, I decided I needed to do a blog on FRIENDS - because we have had a marvelous opportunity to reconnect with a number of friends from over the years. Ralph and Sally Green (we call her "Saint Sally" for her loving care of our house in Midland while we are gone) came out before Seattle's summer arrived, but we had a fantastic visit and opportunity to show them some of our favorite spots. Our highlight was attending a conference with Philip Yancy up at Warm Beach - and he is as good a speaker as he is a writer, which was refreshing. (The Greens are pictured right.) Below, you see Jerry and Tom Gwaltney. Jerry and Tom went through school together in Crane, Missouri - and Tom now lives out here. The guys had not seen each other since they got out of high school, which was a FEW years ago. It was marvelous to hear them reminiscing - while their wives got acquainted with one another. Jim Morris came by for a visit a couple of weeks ago..Jim was a part of our family in Marshall MO when he was a senior at Missouri Valley College and Jerry was beginning his pastorate in Marshall. Both our daughters have visited him in Providence RI, but we haven't been together for over 20 years. Jim has added years and maturity which is most becoming to him, while we haven't aged a bit, making us all closer to the same age now (isn't my reasoning wonderful?) Joining us for the day were the Skeens from Port Jane (Imlay) Skeen, "Jimmy" was like a big brother, and she had the joy of introducing Jim to her grandson.

Glenn & Louan Rogers from Midland came right along with Seattle summer - and we could see Mt. Ranier from our balcony every single day they were here (and then it became hidden again as soon as they left!) Isn't this a beautiful spot - the harbor over at Bainbridge Island as seen from Doc's of our favorite spots. We also took in the Glass Museum and Tacoma Art Museum, walking across the Chihuly Bridge in Tacoma--very spectacular.

Pat Mundy from Enid OK spent last week with us - and coming from the heat and flatlands of Oklahoma, she was having sensory overload with all our trees, mountains, water and spectacular views. This is taken at Pike Place Market where colors abound..and went on from there to hiking on the Olympic Peninsula and attending the Lavender Festival in Sequim, with my cousins, Carl & Sue--spectacular colors and aromas!

Thanks to all of you who have been by - that includes Drew & Susie Anderson of Midland who treated us to dinner at Salty's on the Harbor and an evening of great conversation. We had a family reunion with the Shewey family of Enid who were embarking on an Alaskan cruise from Seattle so we got to spend a day with Bill and Jana and their kids and grandkids - a real treat for us. We have special memories of family times with their family over the years -and a fruitcake that has been exchanged between us over all these years (Yes, the SAME fruitcake!)

More family/guests arrive today and you will hear more about that next week. Thanks to all of you who are our friends and have so richly blessed our lives with your presence.

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