Thursday, June 28, 2007

Uganda Adventure continues

Our Uganda team of missionaries has been gone for one week now - and we are delighted and overjoyed at the way the Word of God is being received, and grateful for all those new believers in Jesus Christ. The team is getting pretty tired, but they are over the hump, and grateful for each new day with renewed strength. They are encouraged and bolstered by all the prayers. Above you see a picture of our team, and as you look on them, please say a special prayer for their health and their boldness--the team ranges from 9 years old to those over 70, so it is a diverse group.
These last two days of the the week, there is a free outpatient medical clinic, and some of our team will be on hand to assist Dr. Patrick. (Our team has worked with Dr. Patrick every year. He is a native who received his medical training and then practiced in Philadelphia for ten years, before both he and his wife--in separate dreams-- felt the call to return to Uganda and practice their medicine.) The team took some suitcases with medical equipment to assist Dr. Patrick. Its heartbreaking to see children dying and people so sick from preventable disease, but at the same time encouraging that we can now help with a free medical clinic. The installation of freshwater wells will be a big asset to helping folks keep healthy!
The Sunday School teacher's seminar was a HUGE effort and success... in the U.S., we might have 30-40 people show up, mostly from our own congregation--right? When our team arrived at the Mbale Presbyterian Church, there were more than 250 teachers from over 60 congregations waiting to learn how to share the gospel with children.
The evangelistic crusades are drawing great crowds each afternoon. There is a lot of singing and dancing as people come to the church campus to hear testimonies and preaching. While our adult preachers have been well-received and are preaching from their hearts, the testimonies of our youngsters has been extremely heart-wrenching. Wouldn't it be amazing for us, sitting in our pews at home, to hear our 9 and 14 year olds tell how Jesus has impacted their lives!
The other picture I share with you is of my pastor's wife, Kathy Schorr, at FPC Midland - and its entitled "side by side" - what a beautiful witness and testimony in and of itself.
We are so grateful for all those who went as missionaries, for all those they left back at home, and for all of the folks who are supporting them in prayer. They are scheduled to return to Midland one week from tonight, and I can hardly wait.
I received word today from my friend Sally, whose husband is rooming with Jerry in Uganda, that she talked to her husband, Ralph--late last night (our time) just after their breakfast this morning (their time)-- and things are going well. Jerry's suitcase was one of the missing ones for the first two days, but he had stuck a change of clothes into Ralph's suitcase "just in case" and they all managed. One of our missionaries, Pat Hunter, volunteered to make the 8-hour trip back to Entebbe to pick up the missing suitcases--she is indeed a saint in my book! Ralph has a cold, the team are all getting tired, and they all appreciate our prayers.
Meanwhile - as Jerry's adventure continues in Uganda, my adventure has taken me to San Antonio where I am having a wonderful week with Jo and Scott. The 3 dogs are delighted to have someone home with them every day so they can go in and out of the house at their pleasure. My main project was to assemble my scrapbook/album from our Christmas trip to London and that is done--all but the journaling, which I will do at home. I have been cooking evening meals for us, trying new vegetarian recipes, and so far I am a success! This household rises early and hits the bed early at night. Jo and Scott have an interesting life with a great deal of variety in it--the schedule is different every day of the week for all 7 days, and its been a blessing to be a part of it. Today Scott was not to be home until after 7, but pouring rain meant the cancellation of a class this afternoon, so we are both home. Jo gets in about 5:30 this evening and we will be in for the night.
If you are interested in reading more about the team's adventure, please go click on this link, and click on the Ugandan Updates--its a great read and more great pictures! I just read that Jerry was the crusade preacher today and did a superb job.
Love and greetings to all of you...until I write again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 7, 1964 ORDINATION

On June 7, 1964, Jerry Max Hilton was ordained into ministry by his home presbytery of Carthage-Ozark. Last week, on the evening of June 7, we joined two other couples for a quiet dinner and a toast to Jerry in honor of the occasion. Here is the limerick composed by our friend, Glenn Rogers:
There was a young man from Crane
Who heard God calling his name.
To McCormick he went in the fall
Spring 64 he was waiting a call
June 6, 64 Crane Pres proudly proclaimed
Jerry Hilton was duly ordained.
Now we here all know the rest,
Jerry and Mary are simply the best,
Our Pastor and friend,
Our love for them never will end.
Those participating in Jerry's ordination service included the Rev. Dr. W. J. Willis, who was 93 years old at the time and had baptised Jerry when Dr. Willis was Jerry's pastor. Jack Kurtz preached at Jerry's ordination--Jack and Jerry were students together at Missouri Valley College after having known each other through Westminster Fellowship activities during their youth. Jack and Jerry roomed together one year at seminary before Jack married one of Jerry's Crane cousins, Betsy. And it was Jack and Betsy who set up the first date Jerry and Mary had (chaperoning a youth hayride!). Jack's last pastorate before his death was back in Virginia--and a couple from his congregation were members of our congregation last year at Eastminster in Wichita (once again, God's family is all one!)
So it was a wonderful evening to celebrate Jerry's ordination and his life in ministry for these 43 years. And who knows what God has in store for our future? We hope another interim will open up come late fall, but in the meantime, we are enjoying our lifestyle and giving thanks to God for all His people!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Uganda Mission trip underway June 21st

For the fifth year, First Presbyterian Church, Midland TX, is sending a team to Uganda under the guidance of the Presbytery of Eastern Uganda. Our purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and help to establish another new congregation. Each year we have sent money ahead which is used to build a church, secure a pastor, buy a cow and a bicycle for the pastor, and build pastoral housing. Our particular work will include house-to-house evangelism and village-wide rallies each evening. In addition, members of our team will visit schools, prisons, and assist in the medical clinic.
One of the highlights each year is the opportunity for some to return to churches that have previously been established, and to see them thriving and continuing to grow.
Pictures are worth a thousand words, aren't they? So I am sharing with you some pictures from previous trips. Last year is the first time we have had families go and this year that is happening again--it had a tremendous impact on those families as well as on our Ugandan friends, and the youngsters all wanted to return again this year.
If you would like to be a part of this mission and ministry, here are the ways you can be involved:
1) PRAY. Jerry will be a part of the team this year, along with 27 others from our church family. I covet your prayer support for him and for the entire team-- for safe travels, health, and bold voices to share the gospel of Jesus. The name of the village where we will be planting the church in Uganda is Kanyolo, and the new pastor is Denis Mukua, so we can be very specific as we cover them all with prayer.
2) FINANCIAL. If you would like to be a part of this trip, no matter how small the gift, you can send your check to First Presbyterian Church, 800 W. Texas, Midland TX 79701, with the memo noted "Hilton team". The trip itself costs $3800 per person, and all extra monies will be used to send Bibles for our Ugandan friends.
3) BE INCLUDED WITH EMAIL UPDATES. If you would like to receive by email any information the team sends to us, I would be so happy to share it with you during the two weeks that they are gone, plus a follow-up after their return. Please let me know by sending your email address to
The bottom picture is the congregation gathered for worship at one of the churches planted on a previous trip! Praise God for all those receptive hearts, and their pastors. Jerry wishes each of you could meet the wonderful young pastors who are part of the Bible Training School. They are bright, deeply dedicated, and Spirit-anointed young leaders of a growing Church. It is his hope that he might have an opportunity to work with them during this trip.
Thank you for your love and support. Remember the dates: June 21 - July 5 to pray for the Uganda Mission team.

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