Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our new dream home in Wimberley TX

DSC01360 What a dream this past month has been. Moving has to be a major cause of temporary insanity - unless you have the love and support of friends and family! Our dear friend, Pat, (from Enid) came to Wichita for a visit before we headed out on our road trip to Wimberley in her trailer. For a week before the moving van arrived, Pat helped me get ready to move in, lining cabinets and cupboards, dreaming of where things would be placed (NOTHING is where we thought it would be, I might add!), moving boxes of books from Jo & Scott's attic, unpacking all of Jerry's library (which didn't fit, I might also add - still too many books!), moving in a piece of furniture we had purchased last December in San Antonio (and meeting a wonderful new neighbor who gladly came over to help get it out of the truck and in to our house). In between we took advantage of the opportunity to try out restaurants in our new town, and became very good friends with all the nice folks at Ace Hardware! Our new town may be small, but when you have the Ace Hardware and the Brookshire Brothers grocery store, you are set. The movers unloaded, and you couldn't get through the garage--I think the boxes grew and reproduced while they were in the moving van. We were reasonably sure we had cut down, thrown away, donated, shared all we could - but guess what? We hadn't! Jerry arrived to find his library waiting and he had his work cut out for him! Jo came up twice to help us unpack, friends in Wimberley blessed us with dessert one evening--just the pick-me-up Pat and I needed, and brought dinner over at the end, so we could just sit and enjoy our new home. The real creation of this home began when Bill and Wayne, our cousins from El Paso, arrived. Bill has had Hilton Interiors in El Paso TX for over 40 years..and what a gift he has. He ordered, we moved furniture, we tried it out, we changed our minds, so he changed his mind, and on and on it went - and miraculously, the new home was created and it is just perfect. We look forward to being able to share it with you some day...but in the meantime these few pictures will have to do. There is an album posted on a Wal-Mart photo site, so if this link works, perhaps you can enjoy even more pictures. We are so grateful to Bill and Wayne for their creativity as well as sweat on their vacation, to Pat for her friendship and hard work, to Nita and Ron for their enthusiasm and food, and to all of you who are such an important part of our lives. We look forward to enjoying this special place (with its heavenly view) when we complete our time in Wichita. In the meantime, we are grateful for our friend, Paul, who is living in our house. Rejoice! This is the day that the Lord has made!

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