Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthdays-always a celebration

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Birthday week - what a great time in our life..we celebrate our births with thanks to our parents, we share special times with friends, I rejoice that for 5 days Jerry and I are the same age, we see family, and in general - we have a GREAT time.  Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes for us.  In these pictures:  Jerry skypes with Jo as she shows him her gift - the creation of his own website. I am sorry most of you missed her original creation, which was hilarious--but trust me, as soon as Jerry saw it on the world-wide web, he had her remove it promptly from viewing!  What remains is going to be, one of these days, a legitimate website for him as he hopes to make himself available to lead weekend retreats, Bible studies, marriage & family workshops.  Check it out (and watch it mature) at
I had my birthday cake (one piece with 4 forks, please note) out to dinner with our friends, Bev & Richard Spann; while Jerry had a tiny birthday cake with our friends, Mardelle & Sam Moyers, as we watched the Final 4 and bid farewell to our favorite season of the year--basketball.  (And what a season it was for US -- Crane Mo HS won its first EVER state title in its division and Midland College came in 2nd in the NJCAA tournament.)  His birthday pie was one of Carla's now-famous pecan pies--his favorite.  We shared our birthday in Springfield MO with 4 other friends/relatives at a grand party hosted by our El Paso cousins, Bill & Wayne--the "out-laws" (those who are not originally from Crane MO) were in the minority as the "in-laws" (Crane natives) had a great reunion and told stories that not many would believe!  The 6 birthday folks were:  Johanna Cunningham, Bill Wagnon, Carolyn Barnett, Dick Vaughn, and the Hiltons.  Johanna, Bill, Carolyn and Jerry were all Crane HS graduates, while Dick and I were fortunate to be included as "out-laws."  Our thanks to Bill & Wayne for celebrating US in such a great way!

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