Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tornado Season in Kansas - Last weekend we spent a couple of days at the Buford's ranch in the Flint Hills - it was absolutely gorgeous..but it is tornado season. We were assured by our host that the basement is not just a tornado-shelter but tornado-proof and that was comforting..but most exciting was to watch the clouds and wind as the weather pattern rolled through, and marvel at the mysteries of nature! I am glad to say that we did not experience a tornado, and we were able to sleep peacefully by the time bedtime rolled around. But oh did the wind blow - one day the lake was whitecapping from the south, and the next day it was whitecapping in the opposite direction. But by Saturday we were able to have three hours on the lake in the boat chasing the elusive fish that were apparently just laughing at the fisherman in the boat! We are both a year older now - and enjoyed the birthday week very much, and hearing from many of you..thanks! On Sunday afternoon, I came downstairs getting ready to go to the Women's Tea at Eastminster and literally walked right by Carla sitting at the dining room table without even noticing! What a surprise! So our world was considerably brightened by her presence--it was a treat to take her to the tea and be able to introduce her to many of our new friends in the church. And then her Dad took us to Abuelos for dinner, which topped off a wonderful birthday. We are taking the afternoon off to drive to Enid and have tea with our dear friends, Jane and Garry Munger, this afternoon...then a bite of supper with friend Pat Mundy, and we will come back this evening. Its amazing we are only two hours away - living in Midland all those years gave me the mind-set that everything is 300 miles away..and I find there are places in this world where that is simply not true! Amazing! May the meaning of this Holy Week be close to your heart this week, as we walk with Jesus on these last few days of His life. What a gift! Hallelujah! Love, Mary and Jerry

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Carla said...

Great Pics, Mom!! Love you! CJ

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