Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Greetings in 2007

Its hard to believe we have been home from London for several weeks, and have not sent out a blog! However, that is about to change! Let me share a few thoughts with you from our fabulous London trip (and more thoughts will follow! Our Christmas dinner was spent at the Windermere Hotel, complete with crackers and king's hats, as you can see--it was the most amazing time you can imagine..the menu was delicious, and we just had the best time ever! We had a good long walk over to the hotel, with a stopover at Buckingham Palace, and it was truly a delightful day. Shopping was a real highlight--especially all the small kiosks and special shopping venues. Jerry found this very small coronet, which he felt called to own - and so he does! He even sat in our flat window late on New Years Eve and serenaded the folks who were walking down the street! I had the most fun sitting in a window upstairs from him and watching the looks on their faces as they tried to figure out where the music was coming from! He will enjoy this coronet and its a great souvenir of our magnificent trip. We are such Sherlock Holmes fans that visiting the SH Museum was quite a highlight for us. Here you see Jerry having a visit with Dr. Watson in the drawing room--it was very well done, and makes watching the TV series from home now even more fun as we can say "we were there!" Of course, we also visited the Sherlock Holmes Pub & Restaurant to finish off our day! Much love to all of you - and more will follow now that I have finally finished sorting and editing all the photos that our daughters took (would you believe over 4,000?) Soon I'll share some photo websites with you if you care to look at the pictures yourselves!

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Karen Price said...

This photo is priceless!!!!!

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