Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Glorious Spring!

This is an absolutely gorgeous spring day...it is so nice to have the sun shining after over two days of heavenly rain--not a normal pattern in our part of the country! I hope you are enjoying a lovely day as well.
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! And I am here to tell you that these two old dogs are slowly learning new eating habits and new foods. Here you see one of the appetizer servings on our cruise--now the food I am preparing at home HARDLY looks like this,
but it is fun to try eating the vegetarian/vegan way. I am trying lots of new recipes, and so far they have been successful! We both feel very well AND are losing weight..now we just hope those blood numbers are going in the right direction as well. So any of you who want to share a good vegetable, legume or grain recipe with us, feel free to send it on!
We will leave Palm Sunday in our RV with our destination being San Antonio to spend Easter with Jo and Scott, but first we will have a few days at Llano State Park on the Guadalupe River outside of Junction TX--a place we have been wanting to visit and this is the time. On our trip home from El Paso last week we notice the Texas wildflowers are beginning to bloom, so we look forward to seeing bluebonnets on this next part of our trip.
May the joys of this Holy Season be yours, as we walk with Jesus.


Suzanne said...

You both are an inspiration...thanks and enjoy you trip. Sz

Anonymous said...

Ya Know- I saw a guy do that spoon trick- with a coal shovel. Impress us with THAT feat Dr J.!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you may be gone from Wichita but surely not forgotten in our hearts. Glad to read that you two are living life to the fullest. RF and I will be in Ft. Worth Friday (3/30) for American Ostrich Assoc. board meeting, then PERHAPS on to El Paso if the buyers are ready.Otherwise it's east to SW Arkansas. Rain and blooming shrubs and bulbs are delightful here. Pastor Jerry, morels should be starting through the leaves in Missouri. Grace and Peace, Sue

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