Friday, July 20, 2007

Fisher of men AND fish

When Jerry took up fly fishing after we moved to Midland, he fell for it hook, line and sinker (if you'll pardon the expression!) Finally - after a long absence from fly fishing, we are back in Colorado and the fisherman is at it. He has now survived five days in a row of fishing and has had an incredible time. The fish on the right measured 22 1/2" - surely one for Jerry's record book.
We are having a marvelous time..the weather is cool and gorgeous, the rains come and go, we have to wear jackets some of the time...we are staying with the Beals (Midland) and Jerry has fished with two of his buddies who went to Argentina with him fly fishing a number of years ago.
Tomorrow we will leave South Fork and head for Spring Creek outside of Gunnison, to visit Abbe Mahone (Hobart and Oklahoma City) and see others. Tomorrow we will also get to spend some time with Jo & Scott's good friends, Conner and Naomi and their two children, whom we adore (See Jo's website for photos of Jonah and Abbey). We look forward to worship at Tin Cup on Sunday. AND more fly fishing on Spring Creek and Taylor.
Life doesn't get any better than this!

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Betsy said...

Jerry would probably enjoy

A good life wasted, or, Twenty years as a fishing guide / Dave Ames.

It's a fun read, even for someone who has never been fishing, (That would be me.)


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