Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What goes around, comes around

In 1964, we moved to Hobart OK to serve in our first pastorate. Please meet Greg Calmes, who (as a high school junior) served on the PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee) that called us to that church. Jo, standing here beside Greg, was born in Hobart in 1965; and Carla followed in 1967. Greg's parents, Jack and Mary Jo,(please note that our eldest carries the same name) who had raised two boys, loved having our daughters as their own and had one or the other with them as often as possible. Now lets fast-forward to Christmas 2007: Carla is seen feeding Greg's first grandson, Jake, while we were together over Christmas...just as Greg and his parents, held our Jo and Carla forty years ago. Sharing this year in Sammamish with Greg and Bobbi is just very special to us--and brings back so many wonderful memories of the saints in our first parish in Hobart who nurtured us, loved us, and literally raised us--and then sent us on our way. Like I keep telling you - We're so glad we're a part of the Family of God!
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