Monday, March 10, 2008

Same Kind of Different As Me

Have you read this book? Its a pretty quick read, and is a joy to move through. When we arrived in Midland last Wednesday, we found that the authors, Ron Hall and Denver Moore, were speaking at our church that evening...and we were there along with at least 1500 other folks, who filled the sanctuary and into the fellowship hall, where it was relayed on a big screen. The book is the story of the unlikeliest of friendships between Ron, an international art dealer, and Denver, a homeless person with a sordid past. Their story is told alternating between each man's version of the events. Ron does most of the talking...Denver saying "don't tell it all to them, then they won't buy the book!" Denver, who didn't read or write until recently, is still a very bashful person, who doesn't want to talk about himself, but will talk about the Lord. Denver tells Ron to "Just tell 'em I'm a nobody that's tryin to tell everybody 'bout Somebody that can save anybody. That's all you need to tell 'em." And through it all is the story of Ron's late wife, Debbie, who had a vision for a homeless shelter in Ft. Worth, and a vision of her husband and Denver becoming friends...not "catch and release" friends, but truly friends who love and care for one another. (Read the book to learn about "catch and release" friendships.) I highly recommend this book to you...and if you find that Ron & Denver are going to be making an appearance in your community, don't miss this opportunity. Love, Mary

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