Sunday, May 23, 2010

47 years ago...our new life together began...

May 23, 1963, in the chapel of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City, we were married. Our wedding took place on the same day that my grandparents celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. And here we are - 47 years later..blessed with our daughters, Jo and Carla, and our AFS daughter, Ani...blessed with our son-in-law, Scott Peters...blessed with church families from five pastorates--Hobart, OK; Aurora, Mo; Marshall, MO; Enid, OK; Midland, TX...interim church families in Wichita KS and Sammamish WA..and now, in this next exciting chapter of our life, we are moving into our new home in Wimberley TX next month, but will not be living there for another year, as we do another interim in Wichita. God is so good! We have been able to enjoy our retirement with lots of travel in our motor home, and keep crossing paths with all kinds of friends from all the places we have lived. We are so grateful to all of you for being a part of this journey--thanks for your support and friendship..and thanks be to God for bringing us together back in Chicago at McCormick Seminary...and thank you, Jerry, for sharing this life with me--for better or worse!


Josy said...

Wow! I got teary-eyed! :) you both are so beautiful!!! And we are so blessed to call you family! :) I love you!

Evandro Andaku said...

Congratulations from Brazil. It really is a blessed and beautiful life. I remember you all next door when I lived in Marshall. Also in the church on beautiful sunday´s mornings. I remember one day you all playing a song after the service: Jerry on trumpet, Carla on cello, you at the piano and Jo on bass. It was great.

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