Friday, September 03, 2010

Irishfest 2010

We journeyed to Kansas City to attend the Irishfest, held for the last 7-8 years on the Crown Center grounds..and what better thing to find than the green fountains nearby..lots of booths enticing us with Irish products..and bringing back lots of memories for us of our family time in Ireland. Take your choice - fish 'n chips, or maybe bangers & mash, or perhaps brats...we opted for the fish 'n chips and it was delicious! What is more Irish than a gorgeous huge celtic cross - again bringing back lots of memories of our trip to Ireland. Carla, Jerry and I are joined by Pat Mundy (Enid) who is part of our family now. We heard a bagpipe rock'n roll band playing - besides being very loud, Pat's comment was the best - its nice to know a bagpipe can play something besides "amazing grace"! Best of all was the phenomenal fiddler we heard, which - of course - Jerry loved.

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