Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loaf-Off Contest

This was SUCH fun! To enter the Loaf-Off contest, you made a huge pan of your favorite meat loaf recipe and brought it to The Anchor, a great pub in Old Town, Wichita. We bought our ticket, which was in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, picked up a plate with the sides of mashed potatoes and green beans, and walked past all the entries, picking up a little tiny cup (like a paper medicine cup or pill cup) with the name of the provider on it..and sat down and enjoyed. You were given 3 ballots to cast. When we finished eating, we went back through the line and dropped our ballots in a jar in front of the ones for which you were voting. In the photos you will see some of the big pans of meatloaf that were offered, and one of the cleverest (IMHO) in her dispay (she even had sequins/beads glued on the scoop). My dining companions were Ann Graham, a delightful new friend from Grace Church, who was kind enough to tell us about this occasion; and Bob McCune, our 94-year-old friendliest greeter at Grace..he's been assuming that responsibity for over 40 years and does not intend to give it up any time soon! Jerry joined us as soon as he could, so that he could sample the meatloafs.

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