Friday, July 01, 2011

Mama's brag time on Carla

DSC01920 A really nice thing happened to Carla this past week, and (being one proud Mom), I want to share it with our friends. Carla was nominated by her manager of the Starbucks Store as "Partner of the Month" for their store. She not only received that distinction, but was also selected as "Partner of the Month" for the District. This is part of what her manager had to say about her: Over the last few months, my team has under gone a tremendous transition in our staff. We lost 7 partners within 2 weeks, some of which were unexpected. As a team, we quickly had to rebound so we wouldn't lose a step in providing great customer service. This type of challenge could have really taken us down and we could have lost our way through stress and uncertainty. In the midst of it all, we prevailed as a team. Each person on my team stepped up and did what they needed to do to keep us going. While I am so impressed with my entire team, there is one inidividual that stands out...Carla Hilton. Carla comes to work every day with a positive attitude towards our customers and to our partners. She picked up extra shifts (while still maintaining her second job) every week to help keep the store staffed. She also helped out at another store, too! Carla also gook charge in getting my shifts covered (without being asked) when she found out my aunt had passed away. Carla works so hard with a smile on her face and a cheer in her voice no matter how many hours she has worked or the number of days straight she worked. She never complains or provides less to our customers or to the team....I know that Carla's positive attitude helped to keep the moral up in the store which in turn helped us to continue to achieve results. I couldn't have gotten through the last few months without Carla's help. Carla is a role model for us all." DSC01923 Congratulations, Carla - we are SO proud of you. Carla is so enthusiastic about the Starbucks organization, she will convince you that YOU TOO, should be a barista! And now, to her credit, she will also be working as an Innkeeper at Southmoreland, a B&B on the Plaza in Kansas City, after mid-July.

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