Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh what a difference a year makes!

Happy Halloween all!  I am reflecting on Halloween, 2011.  We were in Kansas City to visit our daughter Carla, and to meet her "significant other" that we had been hearing about for several months.
What a fun evening!  Delvin even brought me a bouquet of roses on the occasion!  (We were off to a GREAT start!)
And now it is February, 2012,  when he popped the Big question during a carriage ride around the Plaza, and we celebrated the official beginning of this relationship.
August 25, 2012 - the four of us once again - dressed a bit differently now - as we celebrated the marriage of Carla & Delvin, ten months after our first meeting on Halloween of 2011.  What a great year it has been for all of us, but especially the bride and groom. 
And once again, it is Halloween..and the trick-or-treaters will be greeted at the Rowlett address by the Master of the House, while the Mistress of the House shares some sister-time in St. Louis.  Happy Halloween to our kids, the biggest treat in our lives!

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