Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An experiment this time!

A few of you have had trouble accessing our blog on aol...so I am going to try using a different site for our journals. Will you please let me know if you have received this? If you got the aol blog yesterday, you need not read on any further! Please remove the aol address from your "favorites" (for you did put it in there, didn't you?) and put this address in. Thanks for your faithfulness. Love, Mary March 20th - first day of Spring It certainly doesn't look like it, does it? We have new landscaping in front of our apartment, and our new little tree has looked like this! Right now I am waiting for the rain/sleet to turn to snow, which we have been promised by mid-afternoon, and perhaps a little touch of winter before spring actually begins. I will enjoy it - even if no one else does! Its been a busy month...we were able to spend a few days at the Buford's ranch again, with weather nice enough to do some fishing from their new pontoon boat...made a trip to Yoder, which is a Mennonite community near Hutchinson and ate at their local cafe which was absolutely delicious...I just returned home from several days in Kansas City, where I helped Carla redecorate her office for the first couple of days and then participated in a hammered dulcimer workshop--it was invigorating and challenging and I am so glad I went...lots of new things to work on. (I am definitely a slow learner!) Its spring break in Wichita - I had been told that lots of folks would be gone from the church, but I drove in from KC just in time for the 3rd service yesterday and there were parking places all over the place available to me! It was a small but enthusiastic group of worshippers. Needless to say, our community is most excited about our Wichita Shockers who have now advanced to the Sweet 16. On Thursday, when they were defeating the #2 seed, I thought I should call my husband to let him know how well the game was going, knowing that he was at the office slaving away. WRONG! He was cheering when he answered the phone! Seems they put the game on the big screen TV in the Youth Center, gathered quite a crowd of both staff and church folks, and indulged in pizzas while they cheered on the Shockers. So much for his work load! Our church family is doing a 365 Day Adventure with the Bible...you can follow along with us on our website, if you care to join us! (eastminster.org) We began the first Sunday of Lent - it's exciting to know how many folks have accepted the challenge and joined in with us. If you do check it out, please listen to the Bible reader, Max McLean, reading the daily scriptures - I am very taken with his voice and interpretation of the scriptures. He is an amazing reader. Please keep on praying for our Associate Pastor's wife, Carol Oppreicht, as she does battle with breast cancer. She is presently at Mayo's in Rochester for a second opinion, but also had developed a serious infection, so the reconstruction work that had been done at the time of the double mastectomy was undone, and she will be on IV antibiotics for about two more weeks. Hopefully they will return home later this week. We all appreciate your prayers. Jerry and I are excited that the PNC is now seriously considering three candidates for the position. Please lift them all up in prayer that God will lead them to the RIGHT person for this congregation. Its been a challenging and fulfilling nine months in this church family - and we look forward to returning home to Midland. Love and hugs, Mary
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