Monday, March 27, 2006

Treasured Possession!

I know - the Bible tells us not to lay up treasures on earth - but Jerry does have a new treasure that he wants me to share with you! Two of the families in our congregation at Eastminster raise ostriches. I think I shared with you that we were treated to a dinner of ostrich steak at one of their homes - and it was yummy. These two gentlemen wanted to Jerry to have a pair of cowboy boots made from their ostriches, and you can see the results! We used to refer to Jerry as "the grandest tiger in the jungle" when he wore his exquisite needle-pointed clerical stoles. Now that he is retired (?), we will call him that when he dons his wonderful leather/beaded jacket his daughters gave him for Christmas in 2004 along with his new ostrich boots. Jerry and Carla have a bet with Jo that she cannot go an entire year without purchasing a pair of shoes. If she succeeds, they have each promised to buy her a pair of shoes in London next December. (See Jo's blog re "shoes".) So, Jo - eat your heart out when you see your Dad's new boots! If you want to receive an email from me letting you know when I have made a new entry to this website, just send me an email or a comment and let me know. If you make a comment to this posting, please do so as "other" rather than "anonymous" so I will know who you are! Thanks, and love.... Mary
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