Saturday, May 20, 2006

Graduations are momentous occasions!

Today is graduation day for many - for us, we are thinking of one special young man who is graduating from Memorial High School in Edmond OK - our friend, David Bingham. We rejoice for David and his family - brother Grant, parents Barbara and Keith - and we are sad for ourselves because we are not there to share in his special day. When Jerry was called to Eastminster Church last year, we put David's graduation date on the calendar because now we would be close enough to attend - but that turned out not to be in God's plan. I got sick a week ago today, and it has been a very rough week..but I am happy to say that I am better and stronger, just not strong enough to make the trip to Oklahoma City this weekend. Whether we are there or not is just our loss, for David will be a high school graduate! The family photo was taken on Jerry's retirement weekend, when the Bingham family came to Midland for the celebration. Keith was chairman of the Pastor Nominating Committee that called us to FPC Midland - so I hope you can imagine just how special he is to us! At our welcoming reception in early 1993, David was 5 and brother Grant was crawling around the fellowship hall! So it has been our joy and treat to watch these young men grow and mature. We are proud of both of them. But today is truly David's day--and this is one surrogate grandmother who is very sad to be at home instead of watching him walk across the platform to receive his diploma! There is great excitement in our lives, as we know that the PNC is calling for a congregational meeting to extend a call to the candidate. By the next time I write, I will probably be able to give you definite dates. We are looking forward to being at home in Midland (alley cats again, however, as our house is rented!) We just had a phone visit from very dear old friends, Dave and Carol Carter - Dave and Jerry were both pastors in Hobart OK, both on their first pastorates. They are from Wellington KS, so we are looking forward to seeing them for a good visit over the Memorial Day weekend. However - I don't want Jerry spending too much time with Dave--he on his seventh (I think) interim, and its a poor example to set for Jerry, don't you think? Summer is here - its very hot in Wichita - the apartment pool is opened - Jerry teaches his last Bible Study class on Monday morning - Carla and colleagues will be here on Tuesday to do a program for the Senior Adults at our church on their American Red Cross experience last winter - and Jerry and I will celebrate our 43 years of marriage (how can that be?) All our love and prayers to each of you! Love, Mary

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