Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Have you seen the movie "RV"?

With just our limited exposure to the RV lifestyle, we laughed our way through Robin Williams' antics in "RV"...what a lot of laughs! We were out this past weekend in Sweete Mille (our RV), camping at Westminster Woods Presbyterian Camp which belongs to the Presbytery of Southern Kansas. What a great time we had - just reading, relaxing, a bit of fishing, swatting mosquitoes, swearing at gnats, and plenty of quiet. That was a far cry from the 50,000 folks who packed into Cheney Reservoir, or the 48,000 at El Dorado Lake, our two nearest campgrounds! We are grateful for WW and their camping facilities! The few days made us realize how much we had missed our RV lifestyle, and we are eager to return to it - once again, fall in the Ozarks! Carla and her friends, Rich and Lesa, were down a week ago to speak to our Senior Adult Ministry on their American Red Cross experience. They presented an incredible slide show of their work as well as the devastation, and the hope for the future of the area. Rich and Lesa join Carla this Saturday to take the Senior Highs from Pine Ridge Pres back to the same area on a mission/work camp trip, and hopefully to see signs of progress in the last six months. Please pray for their health and safety during that week. We are off to Kansas City this evening - Carla has her Dad lined up for a couple of days of "daddy-do's" projects, mostly in the yard, while Mom will be doing some cooking and freezing of some low-sodium dishes to help Carla out. We look forward to seeing two of the young men who came to Midland on their mission trip a couple of years ago as well as to "Faces of Children" in Washington DC, who are coming to lend a hand tomorrow as well. AND we get to spend an evening at the Dinner Theatre, which is a favorite of it will be a fun couple of days. Take care, and God bless each of you. For your prayers, I am happy to report that I had lunch yesterday with our AP's wife, Carol, fighting breast cancer. It was a good day - today she is back for here chemo, mid-point through that now..please continue to lift her up. Our friend Ralph had his surgery this morning and is resting, perhaps not very comfortably - so remember him, please...and Carla and her mission trip.

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