Friday, June 09, 2006

Please meet our new friend, Dr. David Githii, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. David was here last Sunday to preach and to hold an evening session to share more about the work of the PC in his countries, and in between we were fortunate to go to dinner with him. There were 6 of us gathering around our table at the restaurant, when two young African men and a young lady in a nearby booth got up and came over to us. One of them began talking to David in another language--and while that was taking place, the other couple told the rest of us that they were from Kenya and either KNEW David or KNEW OF David when they were in their home country! James, who spoke the same tribal language as David Githii,had been a member of his church...the young lady, Grace, knew David when he was a Headmaster of a local school. It was SO exciting! One said to us "He is a very important man in our country." All 3 young people came that evening to the session, David introduced them, and they shared a little with us about what they were doing in Wichita. God is SO good. We could just imagine what a treat it was for James to find someone to speak his own tribal language - we discovered that when you are in a foreign country you just get hungry to hear your own language (and that applies to England as well!!!) The most disappointing part of this day was to find out about our national denomination -- more bad news that I didn't need to hear. David is entering his second term as moderator (3 year terms). At the last General Assembly he had been invited to address the GA and bring greetings from his church, and at the last minute, that invitation was rescinded. This year his denomination is sending him as an observer but he has NOT been invited to address the GA, bring greetings, or even be recognized--and its all politics, folks....not much to do with our Lord Jesus Christ. I know lots of you reading this are Presbyterian, and care about our church, and this is a sad state of affairs. David thought it would be a good idea for our Uganda trip to just stop by next year and see him...and Jerry was very excited about a future possibility of working with the indigenous pastors on a short-term basis. Lots to think about, and even more to pray about! We did our two days of slave labor for Carla last week - wow - are we out of shape. However, Carla does have the most beautiful yard in the block right now! It was fun as well...Carla hired two high school grads from her youth group to come and assist, and they were fabulous help (they could climb ladders and get to gutters easier than anyone else!) I did lots of cooking and freezing of food for Carla. In addition, we took in two plays, one each evening--that might NOT have been the best idea in the world, but we did it anyway, and especially enjoyed the Dinner Theatre with our friend Anita (from Marshall MO) who traveled in Ireland with us in '04. Things at EPC are going well - the pastoral candidate is here this weekend; the congregational meeting is Sunday; and we think Jerry's last Sunday in the pulpit will be July 16th--then vacation for 2 1/2 weeks and back to Midland! I'll give you definite dates next time (I know - you've heard that before!) Love to all of you....Mary and Jerry


Anonymous said...

Thanks as always for the update. You all stay so busy and do have interesting tales to tell. Sorry to hear about the "politics" of our religion. We know it's always there, but it doesn't make it any easier when it affects good people close to us.

Carla looks great and you all are sweet to help out. Gad, will those kids ever quit? hahahaha Can't wait for you to get back to good ol' HOT Midland.


Janelle Worley said...

Dear Grumps & Gramma Mary, thank you for the notes. I miss you and I hope you come one day to see my recital. (it is tomorrow--maybe next year). I had my first sleep over last night with my friend Mia. She is a good friend from churhc. Did you know that it is very important to share your toys? Thank you for all your cards. I love you. Bye. Shannon

P.S. This is Lady J now. The above words are direct from little missy Shannon's mouth! She is quite the little lady. I will send you pics from her recital!

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