Friday, December 08, 2006

December 8th - a new addition to our family

Greetings - may we introduce you to our new home on wheels? This was not a part of our plans for these few weeks back in Midland, but it happened--there it sat, parked in an RV park in Las Cruces NM, which we just happened to be browsing through in anticipation of going to Las Cruces camping after the first of the year, and bearing a "for sale" sign in its window. Now it is truly ours, and after the first of the year, we will put "Sweet Mille" (our first RV) on the market. We have had such a good time traveling in her, and we know she will bring joy to her next owners as well. Meanwhile, we look forward to getting better acquainted with our new rig. Right now we are totally preoccupied with preparations to leave for London next Tuesday. We will rendevous with our kids in Dallas and fly out in the late afternoon. We are all so excited about being in London for three weeks - seeing the Christmas sights and lights, hearing all the wonderful Christmas music in St. Paul's and Westminster Abbey as well as Royal Albert Hall, and just enjoying our time with one another in this most unusual Christmas for us. In the meantime, we pray all God's blessings on each and every one of you, as we celebrate together the birth of our Lord and Savior. It really doesn't matter where we live, or where we spend Christmas, or what language we speak - God loved each one of us SO much that He sent us Jesus! Hallelujah!


Anonymous said...

I tried to come see the new "home", but I think Jerry and Gene were taking it for the oil change. Sorry I missed it. Maybe when you return from London.

Give big hugs and Christmas greetings to Carla, Jo, and Scott. Have a wonderful time. We hope it meets all your expectations. Merry Christmas.

Becky and Gene

Anonymous said...

wow London for Christmas thats really awsome! I like London but not as much as I liked Vienna. Hope that y'alls Christmas is wonderfull. Merry Christmas!!!!

David B.

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