Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Week 1 in London Part 1

We have spent one glorious week in London - and let me take just a moment to mention some of the wonderful memories we are sharing-- **another opportunity to see "Les Mis", our favorite play of all-times, and we are still ready to see it yet again, given the opportunity **Jerry and Carla riding on the bumper cars at Leicester Square--childhood revisited... **walking through the Sherlock Holmes Museum (and yes, Bev & Richard, there IS a Sherlock--we know because we visited with Dr. Watson and got all caught up on their lives... **worshipped twice at All-Soul's (where Dr. John Stott was preacher for many years) **saw Oxford through the eyes of Inspector Morse, one of our favorite British mysteries, visiting his pubs and many of the sites of filming **Carla & Jerry stumbled on the World Premier of "Its a Boy/Girl Thing" and there was Elton John! **shopping at Harrods, Selfridge's and Marks & Spencer (Jo's boots have NOT been purchased yet)  Posted by Picasa

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