Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 7, 1964 ORDINATION

On June 7, 1964, Jerry Max Hilton was ordained into ministry by his home presbytery of Carthage-Ozark. Last week, on the evening of June 7, we joined two other couples for a quiet dinner and a toast to Jerry in honor of the occasion. Here is the limerick composed by our friend, Glenn Rogers:
There was a young man from Crane
Who heard God calling his name.
To McCormick he went in the fall
Spring 64 he was waiting a call
June 6, 64 Crane Pres proudly proclaimed
Jerry Hilton was duly ordained.
Now we here all know the rest,
Jerry and Mary are simply the best,
Our Pastor and friend,
Our love for them never will end.
Those participating in Jerry's ordination service included the Rev. Dr. W. J. Willis, who was 93 years old at the time and had baptised Jerry when Dr. Willis was Jerry's pastor. Jack Kurtz preached at Jerry's ordination--Jack and Jerry were students together at Missouri Valley College after having known each other through Westminster Fellowship activities during their youth. Jack and Jerry roomed together one year at seminary before Jack married one of Jerry's Crane cousins, Betsy. And it was Jack and Betsy who set up the first date Jerry and Mary had (chaperoning a youth hayride!). Jack's last pastorate before his death was back in Virginia--and a couple from his congregation were members of our congregation last year at Eastminster in Wichita (once again, God's family is all one!)
So it was a wonderful evening to celebrate Jerry's ordination and his life in ministry for these 43 years. And who knows what God has in store for our future? We hope another interim will open up come late fall, but in the meantime, we are enjoying our lifestyle and giving thanks to God for all His people!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary and Jerry!

What a wonderful blog --- 43 years and look at all the wonderful things you both have done, the friends you made, and the lives you have blessed! It's true!

Thanks for sending our way.

Becky and Gene

PS Mary, we have added your name to the 'soon to be born' Prayer Shawl Ministry because you knit/crochett and you might be interested. First meeting is July 13th at the church (more info to come.) B.

Anonymous said...

We used to look forward to reading "Little Orphan Annie". Now, it is Mary & Jerry's Blog. Thanks for being part of our lives these many years and we look forward to many more times together. By the way, Mary, where did you find the wonderful picture of Jerry all cleaned up? Most of the ones I've seen lately are a little more scruffy looking.
Kay & Dan

Betsy said...

Hello from that Crane cousin. Just returned from a month away, so hadn't read your blog for quite a while. Wish I could have joined you to celebrate that great anniversary. I hope to see you this fall.


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