Thursday, June 28, 2007

Uganda Adventure continues

Our Uganda team of missionaries has been gone for one week now - and we are delighted and overjoyed at the way the Word of God is being received, and grateful for all those new believers in Jesus Christ. The team is getting pretty tired, but they are over the hump, and grateful for each new day with renewed strength. They are encouraged and bolstered by all the prayers. Above you see a picture of our team, and as you look on them, please say a special prayer for their health and their boldness--the team ranges from 9 years old to those over 70, so it is a diverse group.
These last two days of the the week, there is a free outpatient medical clinic, and some of our team will be on hand to assist Dr. Patrick. (Our team has worked with Dr. Patrick every year. He is a native who received his medical training and then practiced in Philadelphia for ten years, before both he and his wife--in separate dreams-- felt the call to return to Uganda and practice their medicine.) The team took some suitcases with medical equipment to assist Dr. Patrick. Its heartbreaking to see children dying and people so sick from preventable disease, but at the same time encouraging that we can now help with a free medical clinic. The installation of freshwater wells will be a big asset to helping folks keep healthy!
The Sunday School teacher's seminar was a HUGE effort and success... in the U.S., we might have 30-40 people show up, mostly from our own congregation--right? When our team arrived at the Mbale Presbyterian Church, there were more than 250 teachers from over 60 congregations waiting to learn how to share the gospel with children.
The evangelistic crusades are drawing great crowds each afternoon. There is a lot of singing and dancing as people come to the church campus to hear testimonies and preaching. While our adult preachers have been well-received and are preaching from their hearts, the testimonies of our youngsters has been extremely heart-wrenching. Wouldn't it be amazing for us, sitting in our pews at home, to hear our 9 and 14 year olds tell how Jesus has impacted their lives!
The other picture I share with you is of my pastor's wife, Kathy Schorr, at FPC Midland - and its entitled "side by side" - what a beautiful witness and testimony in and of itself.
We are so grateful for all those who went as missionaries, for all those they left back at home, and for all of the folks who are supporting them in prayer. They are scheduled to return to Midland one week from tonight, and I can hardly wait.
I received word today from my friend Sally, whose husband is rooming with Jerry in Uganda, that she talked to her husband, Ralph--late last night (our time) just after their breakfast this morning (their time)-- and things are going well. Jerry's suitcase was one of the missing ones for the first two days, but he had stuck a change of clothes into Ralph's suitcase "just in case" and they all managed. One of our missionaries, Pat Hunter, volunteered to make the 8-hour trip back to Entebbe to pick up the missing suitcases--she is indeed a saint in my book! Ralph has a cold, the team are all getting tired, and they all appreciate our prayers.
Meanwhile - as Jerry's adventure continues in Uganda, my adventure has taken me to San Antonio where I am having a wonderful week with Jo and Scott. The 3 dogs are delighted to have someone home with them every day so they can go in and out of the house at their pleasure. My main project was to assemble my scrapbook/album from our Christmas trip to London and that is done--all but the journaling, which I will do at home. I have been cooking evening meals for us, trying new vegetarian recipes, and so far I am a success! This household rises early and hits the bed early at night. Jo and Scott have an interesting life with a great deal of variety in it--the schedule is different every day of the week for all 7 days, and its been a blessing to be a part of it. Today Scott was not to be home until after 7, but pouring rain meant the cancellation of a class this afternoon, so we are both home. Jo gets in about 5:30 this evening and we will be in for the night.
If you are interested in reading more about the team's adventure, please go click on this link, and click on the Ugandan Updates--its a great read and more great pictures! I just read that Jerry was the crusade preacher today and did a superb job.
Love and greetings to all of you...until I write again!

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