Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Catching up on the Summer

  The biggest problem in being on the road again is the uncertainty of internet capability - so its very hard to keep you posted on our travels--and traveling we are. These last two months we have spent some quality time with some of our "adopted" grandkids--here with Garrett & Shannon Worley while we camped at Babler State Park in St. Louis. It was fun to go to Shannon's soccer practice (bless those coaches!) and Garrett's baseball game as well. While we were in Gunnison, we were able to spend some time with precious Abby and Jonah McCown, who now live in Colorado Springs, and we just don't get to hug very often. Jerry celebrated his 50th high school reunion in Crane MO - and here are the class members gathered around some '57 cars that also came to the reunion. It was GREAT fun, especially for the classmates, but fun for us out-laws too! Silver Dollar City and the Southern Gospel Picnic was just great! We were joined during the ten days by Carla, Richard and Beverly Spann of Wichita, the Garretts from Monett and the Garretts from St.Louis -- and other friends we just happened to run into wandering the City. We had more than our share of rain - and this is just ONE of the 3 or 4 nights that we sat in the rain to hear a gospel group sing..and they were all worth it! If anyone can tell me HOW to get the pictures and the text in a blog to be located together, I would greatly appreciate it! It seems an impossible task to me - but I am sure all of you can mentally get it together! We are presently camped at Heartland Presbyterian Center in northern Kansas City, one of our favorite spots, and will be having supper with some of Jerry's kinfolk (Jim and Jane Carney), getting to see Carla, and this afternoon - of all things - I was in the checkout line at Hobby Lobby just down the road, and right behind me in line was Joyce Hohensee--Joyce and her husband were members of our church in Enid OK quite some time ago, and are now members of the church Carla serves, Pine Ridge Pres..and we were both stunned to see each other. As I've mentioned over and over, I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God! Love and hugs - our next adventure involves flying to Seattle on Thursday to meet and visit with our next church family at Sammamish Presbyterian Church--and I'll tell you all about that next time!

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Anonymous said...

Hi you two! Mary, I knew you'd come back with the link. :)

We're still talking about Bloys. Glad we went.

Take care and safe travels.

Becky and Gene

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