Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall in the Ozarks

It may have been the fall months in the Ozarks, but we certainly did not have fall weather - it was hot when we arrived, and hot when we left! But even tho we didn't see the fall colors or the leaves falling, we had a fabulous time being there. Jerry is seen overlooking the Kansas City skyline from the top of the Liberty Tower. Below the Tower, the WWI Museum has opened this year--and you don't want to miss visiting this fine display if you find yourself in Kansas City. One of the highlights for the fall was the opportunity Jerry had to work on his fiddle skills. You will remember that he bought a fiddle while we were in Wichita and has been practicing. He had the opportunity to participate in several "jam sessions" which were super learning experiences for him. Above you see Jerry getting a fiddle lesson from Violet Hensley--she is in her early 90's. and this is her 41st year at Silver Dollar City. Jerry remembers Violet being present in the City, where her skill was making her own fiddles--a gift she can no longer continue because of macular degeneration. But she can still fiddle a mean tune, and she was more than happy to give a lesson to an aspiring fiddler! Jerry and Carla are enjoying a great gospel concert during the Gospel Picnic at SDC - even in the rain...we sat through at least 3 concerts that week in the rain, but it didn't diminish our enjoyment of the music. We shared the Gospel Picnic with many friends--Spanns from Wichita, Carla, Garretts from Monett, Tim & Heather Garrett from St. Louis. And we were able to spend time with many other friends whose lives have crossed paths with ours, and we are grateful to God for ALL of you on this marvelous journey. It was a good time! We left Table Rock Lake on Oct. 7th for a trip back to Midland with an overnight stop with Jo and Scott...and a full and busy weekend at home before setting out on another BIG ADVENTURE....but more about that in the next blog.

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