Friday, February 03, 2012

Fried Chicken Competition

 Southeast Kansas appears to be famous for its fried chicken - and nothing could please Jerry more!  It seems that Chicken Annie's started about 75 years ago, followed by Chicken Mary's about 65 years ago...both part of the same family.  There are now 3  Annie's restaurants and 1 Mary's, which means we have 4 places to try while we are.  Well, somebody has to do it!  "Food Wars" featured these two about two years ago - and I am not sure who actually garnered the most votes..there was some dispute over the voting, as I understand.

 Our new Ft. Scott friends, Jackie and John, treated us to our first fried chicken dinner at Chicken Annies last week.  It was just delicious..its hard to see how any meal could be better, but we shall see.  Annie's is also famous for her onion rings, and I must say she has earned her reputation.
So now we have 3 more to someone in Pittsburgh told us to put Barto's in the competition as well.  Anyone want to come and try these all out with us?

This is going to be FUN and FATTENING!  But worth it, I am here we go!

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