Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Estate, anyone?

DSC02836 Our temporary community of Ft. Scott Kansas has some of the most beautiful homes you have ever seen. The sad part is that we have a lot that are in need of some tender, loving care. If you would like to buy a beautiful home and bring it up to snuff, I recommend you pay a visit to Ft. Scott and see what is available. A few of these I snapped pics of are for sale...others are receiving the care they deserve and are simply gorgeous. I wanted to be able to remember some of these by posting them in my blog. This particular home is called the Sample House, on 8th and National, and is presently on the market. DSC02837 This house above was called the Scott House, and used in the movie "Learning Tree" which was made by Gordon Parks, a famous Life photographer and writer, who was born and raised here...a sad story of a young black youth who did not have any good memories of those years, but who was later befriended by someone from Ft. Scott and left his photos and story in a wonderful museum located on the campus of Ft. Scott Community College. We have purchased the DVD of the movie so we can see it for ourselves when we return home. The home with the American flag flying in the garden is known as the Hudson House, while the white home is the Penneman House, which is on the market. DSC02835 DSC02833 DSC02828 DSC02832 DSC02830 In an earlier blog, I mentioned our friend Jeff, who is from Ft. Scott. The lovely light green home is the Cape Cod home his parents built around 1950, and in which he was raised. The red brick belongs to his special cousin, Barbara, from whom I am learning a lot about Ft. Scott AND Jeff...and she is creating a rock garden in the front. DSC02826 DSC02825 Burke Street has some gorgeous homes on it, and here are two of them..the Humphries Home and the Potter House. DSC02829 I leave you with this one - the Marble House, which carries a For Sale sign in front for $625K. These homes are treasures, and memories of a past that is fast disappearing. Want to make an investment in a Victorian home on the beautiful Kansas prairie?

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