Monday, March 26, 2012

A wedding in Phoenix - our niece

293009_10150761203156060_965315337_nOur niece, Nancy, was married in Phoenix this past week-end to her love, Jon.  Our daughters were both  present, representing our family, since we were committed to being in Ft. Scott KS.  She is a single mother of a 19-year-old son, and Jon's coming into her life has made a tremendous difference.  She is oh! so happy now, as is her son, Jacob.  We rejoice with them in their creation of this new family. Jo&Carla Here's a pic of the girls as they began their week-end visit - with a Royals game during Spring training. This was very special for them. While Jo continues to be a Cubs fan, Carla is a good supporter of her KC Royals, in good times and bad, and they did beat the Dodgers in this game. And they do dress up nicely, don't they, as they head to the wedding? 536390_3339885088430_1007749134_32834947_1444150923_n 540976_10150764106391060_726251059_11409814_521797132_n Nancy was escorted down the aisle by her father (my brother) and her son - what a neat moment for everyone! In the collage we see the girls together, Jo with her cousin Steve, and Carla with her cousin Nancy. We drove to Kansas City today in order to pick Carla up at the airport when she returned home and have an opportunity to hear a first-hand report of all the festivities. Nancy's wedding planner was her sister, Sally, who was also maid of honor, and she did a masterful job.  I'm sorry we couldn't be there in person, but the marvels of modern technology with our I-Phones and videoing made us feel like we were! Bless you, Jon and Nancy and Jacob, as you begin this new chapter in your life.

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