Friday, May 17, 2013

Proof of the Deed!

Over Easter weekend, we were sharing dinner with our surrogate granddaughter, Meredith (Price) Ehlers and her husband, Ben Ehlers, in their new home in San Antonio along with Mer's parents, Mike & Karen Price.  Some of our camping trips together came in to the discussion, and Meredith recalls hearing her parents tell her about one particular trip when she was very young - just before her baby brother, Spencer, was born.   And she claims that Jerry tried to dunk her in the river!  That may be true - but it was not without provocation.  Today I ran across the photograph that is the proof of Meredith's mischievousness, even as young as she was.  Here is Mer doing her very best to stuff ice down Jerry's backside at our campsite.
What wonderful memories we share!

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