Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day with No Labor

While the rest of the country seemed to be getting a small touch of fall with lower temperatures, San Antonio continued to enjoy its hot and humid weather! Both Midland and Kansas City had temperatures fifteen degrees lower than SA! However, SA finally got some much-needed rain on Monday night. All the decorative fountains are turned off, which is indeed a sad situation, so we hope they receive some rainfall soon. We did a lot of nothing while we were at Jo and Scott's-- our focus was for Jo to give her mother some Adobe Photoshop training, which she did I just need lots of time to play and practice with the program. Go as quickly as possible to the movie theatre to see "The Illusionist"--Scott, Jerry and I saw this on Labor Day while Jo put in 3 hours of work at Sorenson. It is a GREAT movie, and we all highly recommend it to you. In fact, it is one of those I would enjoy seeing again--and I don't find many of those. The treat of our Labor Day was dinner at The Tower of the Americas...Scott and Jo had been there earlier for Jo to take photos, and Scott wanted to treat us to an evening there. The restaurant (run by Landrys) rotates--the view of the greater San Antonio area is magnificent, especially as the city lights up for the night. And besides that, the food was marvelous. If you enjoy photography, please check out Jo's website links on this blog. She is amazing her parents with her artist's eye. With the collaboration of another photographer at San Antonio Community College, she put together a San Antonio collage of 90 photos that is great. The first one was auctioned at a fund-raiser last week, and another one will be auctioned at Nutcracker Sweets in December, which benefits the agency Scott works for. The above picture was taken inside the Gruene Dance Hall when we surprised Scott in August. The Gospel Brunch, on the second Sunday of each month, is a real delight. And speaking of Gospel, which we do enjoy a lot, we are on our way to the Gospel Fest at Silver Dollar City--so we must get on the road. We are presently camped overnight just south of Dallas--and we are hoping that mid-morning traffic through Dallas will be more palatable than the 5 p.m. traffic--but I am betting traffic is heavy all the time around here. We hope you all are enjoying this month as we feel fall approaching. We do miss our new Wichita friends - Missouri is pretty close if anyone wants to come and catch up with us! Love, Mary

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