Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend in St. Louis

Happy 12th Anniversary to Jo and Scott! Shannon and I are sitting at Forest Park participating in a picnic prior to the Balloon-Glow last Friday evening…and our picnic supper brings back memories of twelve years ago this weekend, when we celebrated the rehearsal for Jo and Scott’s wedding by enjoying Popeye’s chicken and biscuits in a park…Popeye’s is still just as good as it was twelve years ago, and their marriage is even better than ever. I haven’t told you all that their home is going to be on the Mahnke Park Homes Tour in mid-October…you’ll hear more about that later! Balloon-Glow prior to the balloon race on Saturday afternoon was spectacular! Jerry had to indulge the children (Shannon and Garrett Worley) in their own hot-air balloons, while we walked around the Park after our picnic and watched a multitude of balloons being inflated with hot air and put into the sky for our delight. As it got darker, all the balloons would be made to glow on a set signal (horn), by the fire heating the air, as you see in the picture below. The energizer bunny (called the Hot Hare Balloon!) was the biggest of them all – and what a colorful display it was an unforgettable experience. Look who we got to meet! Please meet Elijah Garrett, son of Pat and Jessica Garrett, and grandson of our good friends, Mike and Phyllis Garrett of Monett MO. Eli came out to Jellystone Park (where we were camped on Saturday) to make our acquaintance, bringing with him his father Pat and his aunt and uncle, Tim and Heather Garrett. Jerry had officiated at the wedding of Pat and Jess two years ago, the fall after our retirement (and also the marriages of both of Pat’s brothers in earlier years.) What a joy to meet this delightful one year old…Jo would be so proud of him, for he uses sign language very well! And he never met a stranger! This has been a glorious rainy day in St. Louis…Babler State Park is well–soaked, but we are safe and dry in Sweet Mille (our RV). Unfortunately, the cook-out and s’mores with Garrett and Shannon had to be postponed until tomorrow. We will be going into town tomorrow to join Garrett for lunch at his school. Tuesday we plan to see the new baby elephant at the St. Louis Zoo, so we’ll be going back to Forest Park.

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