Tuesday, September 26, 2006

St. Louis Zoo

Grandma Mary and children in front of elephants Is there anything more fun than a zoo, and especially a zoo with youngsters? During our week in St. Louis, we spent lots of special times with Garrett and Shannon Worley. A week ago the day was spent at the St. Louis Zoo—what a treasure the city of St. Louis has in this zoo! Our highlight was to meet Melia (meaning “strong and beautiful”), the seven-week old baby elephant. Can you see her back there by her mama? She did not allow her mom to get more than a foot or two away and Melia was right back beside her, usually underneath her. They were just a delight to watch. The elephant on the left of the picture is now pregnant, so the St. Louis Zoo will be blessed with another baby elephant come next February. The Zoo folks tell us the lines to see the baby when she went on display were just enormous, but fortunately for us, the crowd was very light when we visited. Tim and Jerry and penguins When you have Carla Hilton, life-time collector of penguin memorabilia, for a daughter, we would dare not miss the penguins! They were darling and great fun to watch. Jerry and our dear friend, Tim Garrett, tried to look like penguins to blend in with the crowd, but I don’t think they were very successful, do you? Our time in St. Louis was so special—our thanks to Janelle and Tim for sharing their lives with us—and their children! For newcomers to our blog, Janelle and daughter Jo were roommates in Chicago for several years, so we just adopted her into our family as well. If she looks familiar to Midland friends, Janelle came for Jerry’s retirement weekend at FPC. Janelle, Shannon and elephants We are now on a farm outside of Rolla MO and enjoying every minute of it. The scenery is spectacular…nights are cold and crisp…days are sunny and bright…great porches to sit on and watch fall come upon the Ozarks…time to practice our musical instruments…a road to walk down and back each day (literally only ONE road – this farm is at the end of the county road so there is only one way to go!)…time to reflect on all our blessings – and you are all part of that!

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