Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Little Bit of Heaven - Table Rock Lake

Dear Ones - ever wonder what heaven is going to be like? Surely it is going to be a lot like the Cape Fair Campground on Table Rock Lake!
Back in about 1969 or 1970, some families in our church in Aurora, MO invited us to go camping with them, using their extra trailer..and we were hooked! We got our own trailer (a tent up off the ground actually) and started spending every vacation at the same campground. At that time, it was because Pop Hilton had boat there we could always use..but after the boat bit the dust, we still kept returning. And here you see our campsite for this spring. It was the perfect site--wonderful view of the lake and all the boats, very quiet (excluding Memorial Day weekend), and we felt like we had found a little bit of heaven right there.
During our two weeks there, we had lots of neat times--Sally and Scotty Campbell from Marshall MO (bottom right picture) showed up one late afternoon to spend the evening. Sally is some kind of kin to Jerry (from Crane MO of course) and Scotty and Jerry are fraternity brothers from Missouri Valley so we go back a long way together. We have camped together over the years numerous times (our daughters are all one year apart and all their names begin with the K sound--try calling for them to come in from the woods: Carolyn, Karen, Carla, Kathy...eventually it just became 1-2-3-4!) Mike Price (another Missouri Valley grad) and his family also camped with us--their daughter just graduated from high school in Springfield and we got to share that special occasion with them.
We had several delightful days at Silver Dollar City. This time the Bluegrass festival was going on, and we did enjoy the Ricky Skaggs concert this past weekend. We were there with the Campbells...and one day with daughter Carla (on the climbing swing, NOT to be confused with the BIG SWING new ride SDC is offering!)...and with Mike and Phyllis Garrett from Monett.
We celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary in Monett with the Garretts, which gave us an opportunity to drive out to Camp Barnabus. The top-left picture is taken there with our college friend, David Bingham. David was about 4 years old when his Dad chaired the PNC that called us to FPC Midland--so he and his family have been special friends for many years. David will be a sophomore at Oklahoma State and working this summer at a wonderful camp for special needs kids. I recommend you check out the camp's website if you want to see spectacular and life-changing camping opportunities for wheel-chair bound children. Its a joy to see David involved in this ministry.
And now we are on our way home...last night we were camped on the parking lot of Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita and today we head west. I just finished reading Timothy Egan's The Worst Hard Time about the dust bowl days, and want to stop at a couple of museums in Guyman - the XIT Museum and the No Man's Land Museum - and another one in Canyon TX..and then home.
I hope each one of you has your own little bit of heaven someplace on this journey - always knowing that God saves the best for last--when we arrive Home with Him! God bless you!

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