Monday, May 14, 2007

Memories of the hardware store

As many of you will remember, Jerry was raised in the hardware business. His Grandad opened the A.B. Hilton Hardware Store in Crane MO in 1906. After his Grandad's death, his initials were dropped, and the Hilton Hardware continued for many years. Last Wednesday, our long-time friends from seminary days, Pete and Bonnie Fey (who retired in Newton KS) gave Jerry a real treat--a trip to Halstead KS to visit the Old Halstead Hardware.
The original store, from the 1880's, has been restored--the tin squares in the ceiling; old fixtures--like screw holders with pie-shaped drawers and glass-front drawers to see the pulls and handles inside; the pot-bellied stove near the back, around which the old men used to gather in the cold weather; even the spittoon!
Jerry took a real trip down memory lane wandering through there--seeing many items that the Hilton Hardware used to sell. It was so nostalgic for him, and we all enjoyed watching him with all the items. Jerry and Pete, who now fit into the category of those "old guys" who hung around the stove, even stopped to do that (they did not, however, use the spittoon!)
Time with the Feys was so special, as was the rest of our time spent in Wichita. We were treated royally by our dear friends there...and what fun to spend time visiting with several of them over various lunches and dinners. Our time with Bev & Richard Spann gave Jerry and Richard a chance to do two of their favorite things--fishing and golfing (the rain is finally over), while Bev and I got to go shopping and peruse the scrapbooking store.
Attending morning worship at Eastminster PC was a joy--the Spirit was moving in their joy, fellowship, preached Word, and a glorious men's choir. We were able to say hello to many dear folks whom we grew to love during our year in Wichita. (It goes without saying that the next interim has a LOT to live up to!) What really surprised us both was the number of Wichita folks who said they kept up with our travels by following this blog--thank you to each of you!
Now we are leaving Wichita, and heading for Table Rock Lake (our "home away from home").
Mother's Day was also our Jo's birthday, and of course the girls were on a Carnival Cruise ship in the ocean celebrating Carla's 40th--but with cell service! Isn't that amazing? We were able to talk with them, as well as receive pictures of their cruise...which made my Mother's Day complete!

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