Monday, May 07, 2007

May 7 - Kansas City - rain and more rain!

We are beginning to feel like Mr. and Mrs. Noah! I cannot recall having been in such rain ever before....we have seen the sun for a few brief moments one day last week..and we had one day without rain when Jerry was able to mow Carla's back yard (which needed to be harvested but he mowed instead!) The rains came down Saturday night, all day yesterday and last night as well - so we are now in flood warnings. I just hope this clears up whatever drought the area has been in! We have been camped at Heartland Presbyterian Center. It has been a perfect place for us to be, for we have been able to leave the RV and come in to stay at Carla's for a few days last week--we got the upstairs guestroom painted in anticipation of her new roommate who will arrive this afternoon. She is short-term, doing an internship here in KC, but it will be nice for Carla. Check out Carla's blog as well - she had a fabulous 40th birthday in Orlando with her American Red Cross friends, and in two days she leaves for San Antonio where her sister is treating her to a 40th birthday surprise (I could tell you, but since Carla will read this, I better not!) We worshipped yesterday with Carla at Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church, where Carla serves as DCE. They are in a building project and their new sanctuary is taking shape--it will certainly be a beacon for Jesus along Barry Road, as it is visible for some distance. First the city came in and redid Congress which runs along the east side of the church (to accommodate the new Zona Rosa shopping center directly across the street from the church) , and now that it is finally finished, the city will begin remaking Barry Road - so instead of getting them both done at the same time (as they said), this whole thing will end up being years in the making! Isn't it always that way? Meanwhile, the contractor needs some dry weather! Carla and I attended a Dave Ramsey financial workshop at the Municipal Auditorium on Saturday afternoon - the largest one he has ever held with 10,000 folks in attendance. He is marvelous--full of enthusiasm and common sense ideas. It was a joy to see all the ages represented--it would be marvelous if all those young people learned how to manage their money responsibly at their age, instead of learning the hard way (as many of us did) as they got older. We had a great time there. We had another project at Carla's house as well - getting the downstairs toilet NOT to leak. Carla and Jerry spent a great deal of time on that..I had a great picture to include here, but I can't do it from the computer I am composing on (which is not mine) use your imagination--Jerry contorted on the tiny floor space to get under the tank with a wrench with Carla kneeling on the seat trying to hold the pipe inside the tank steady while he tightened something. All this took place just before they called the plumber! It is now repaired! We have arrived in Wichita..and Carla has arrived in San Antonio and is with Jo and Scott tonight--the girls leave in the morning. Thanks be to God for His gift to us of family and friends--what a joy! Love to all of you...

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