Friday, November 02, 2007


On Tuesday evening, we were sitting in our motor home watching TV and enjoying ourselves when the coach began to sway and shake...we heard dishes hitting each other....and decorations hanging from the walls were moving. We were very startled, needless to say, and Jerry questioned if the wind had suddenly come up. So we opened the door and looked out, but all was very still. And it was over. We wondered if it might be an earthquake - but there was no one around to ask. Now we have read in the newspaper about the 5.6 quake that struck just east of San Jose CA, with shaking felt as far away as Sacramento - and there we were, right in that location! So now Jerry has experienced his first earthquake tremor ever (and hopefully his last), while it brought back memories for me of earthquakes when I was very young and lived in California. Another new experience for this trip!! Yesterday the drive up I-5 was spectacular (I am running out of adjectives for all of God's glorious creation!). Mt. Shasta was awesome - but the sunlight was so bright, I don't think I got any decent pictures. While my husband is a superb RV driver, I must say I didn't much enjoy those steep downhill grades (seeing run-away lanes beside us!) But all went very well. Today we are going to camp near Corvallis OR with a drive to the coast to see more of beautiful Oregon and a very special friend from Marshall MO days - more about that later! Love, and happy November (my but time is flying!), Mary

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