Monday, November 05, 2007

Sammamish Presbyterian Church Interim

Back in 1964, Jerry Hilton received a call to serve his first pastorate at the First Presbyterian Church in Hobart OK - a small church in a small town in southwest Oklahoma. That small church family loved us, nurtured us, and enabled us to grow in our faith, as Jerry began to develop his style of ministry. Serving on the Pastor Nominating Committee for that call was their youth delegate, Greg Calmes, then a senior in high school. Greg's family became very special friends--in fact, our living room in Midland TX still centers around a marvelous round oak coffee table that once belonged to Greg's grandparents. Fast forward a number of years - and you see the Hiltons visiting Greg and Bobbi Calmes in their home in Sammamish WA in 2005, when we were on our way to Vancouver BC to meet Carla. Fast forward two more years - and our youth delegate on the PNC is now a retired (yes, you read me correctly--one of our "kids" is old enough to be retired!) Alaska Airlines pilot active in the Sammamish Presbyterian Church, and he calls Jerry to tell us that his pastor is resigning and Greg wants to submit Jerry's name as an interim candidate. If you cannot locate Sammamish in your atlas, your atlas is probably a few years old. Sammamish is a new city, formed by incorporating a portion of Redmond. The church is only 20 years old and has had only one senior pastor in its history. We are eager to learn about SPC, our new community and the great northwest as well. Here you see a photo of the rest of the campus of SPC - these buildings house the church offices, classrooms, youth building and meeting rooms. The church sanctuary would be to the left of the photo, while up on the hill behind these buildings, you will see part of our apartment complex. We are so excited about getting moved in to our apartment, which has been furnished through the generosity of our church family, under the leadership of Greg and Bobbi. There are very exciting days ahead of us - and we will love sharing this adventure with each of YOU.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys, and for SPC. We visited the church when we were in Seattle visiting our son last year. Seems like a great Body.
I am, however, a little concerned about the Jerry Hilton/Chris Griggs combination. Two of my favorite, and most fun-loving, people together on one staff... It should be a blast! Cathy Biggs

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