Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Sunday at SPC

The family of God - there is absolutely nothing like it, is there? Jerry's first Sunday in the pulpit was a glorious day for us--folks were warm and welcoming; the music was absolutely heavenly--a choir (containing more men than women--who else has that kind of situation?)--with an anthem that fit perfectly in to the theme of the sermon and worship, a praise band that contained not only 3 guitars, drum and piano but also included a flute and trumpet (warmed Jerry's heart, needless to say); and many new folks to meet and greet. But the best part of all were the old friends who were present for this first Sunday at FPC: Joe and Jane (Imlay) Skeen, who reside in Port Orchard. Jane's family are friends from Marshall MO days..Jerry and both her parents were in college together, both families moved to Marshall about the same time, where the Imlays were active at Covenant Presbyterian Church, while I also worked for her Dad at Missouri Valley College. Jane often looked after our girls, who were five years younger, while we parents did fun things together. Kate Massie and Adam Hedgepeth...Kate is a college student from Midland TX where Jerry served as her pastor for twelve years of her life. Adam is also from Midland and his Dad and Jerry know each other well. Katie is doing a brief physical therapy internship in this area, while Adam is employed by Microsoft in Redmond--and because Kate's Mom shared our new address information with her, she and Adam showed up. Kate says she will be back for the time she is here--for its a little bit of home out in Seattle! Diane and Peter Wilson, friends that we met at Bloys Cowboy Camp in Ft. Davis this past August. Diane's family is one of the Bloys families and they return for Cowboy Camp Meeting every year. The Wilsons worship at University Church in Seattle - and we are about to head over that way to go to an evening service with them, and have the special opportunity to hear Earl Palmer preach. Earl is one of Jerry's favorite preachers, and he is very excited to get this opportunity. Plus you remember in our last blog I told you that Greg Calmes is a member of SPC, and our biggest supporter in getting us out here - and Greg was a youth in our first church in Hobart OK. So add it up - three folks in worship this morning represented three of the church congregations Jerry has served--and he's only served in five! I keep telling you, like a broken record, that there is NOTHING LIKE THE FAMILY OF GOD!


Drew said...

Sounds like you guys are at home already! I know the Lord has some wonderful experiences in store for both of you in the Pacific Northwest. My only suggestion is to buy a sunlamp!...if only to remind you of least, I think Midland is still your home...LOL! You guys drop by once and awhile to dust! DNA

scott said...

It sounds as though you have found a new home for the next year. The Sammamish church family will no doubt be a changed group after their experience with the Hiltons.
They are indeed a fortunate church!

I cannot help but now think of the Hiltons and "my own little tree-hugger in-laws". Love Scott

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